Swingers on the Costa Blanca

When we moved to Spain we quickly realised there was a need for a good swingers site catering for the thousands of ex-pat swingers here in Spain.

We built a site called www.swingers-in-spain.com which covers the whole country, with several micro sites catering for local pockets of swingers in areas where there are lots of Brits.

Our latest site catering for swingers in this area is www.CostaBlancaSwingers.com

To include, and to encourage Spanish swingers to join in the fun with the ex-pat swingers we also built Libersexo and Parejas EspaƱa, both Spanish language sites.

Spain is a very "active" swinging country, with more clubs that the UK! Here sex is not regarded as dirty, or something to be ashamed of.

Amongst the Spanish swingers there are thousands of young people in their 20's with usually an upper age limit of somewhere in the late 40's. This is because the older generation are still effected by the constraints of the past.

Most of the ex-pat swingers in Spain are in their 50's and over. This is because most of them have come here to retire from their home countries. There are younger swingers in the ex-pat community, but they are usually married to an older partner.

Here are a few of our swingers sites covering the Costa Blanca area. Please note: If you join one, you can access the members of all the other sites, as we use the same database for all the sites. Each site has local information as well as the main database of members.

All the people in the pictures on the right are swingers based here on the Costa Blanca.